Finalistas en el concurso 'SMART DOCK' ///// Shortlisted in the 'SMART DOCK' competition

 Nuestra propuesta 'ALIVE LEARNING' es FINALISTA del concurso Internacional 'SMART DOCK' concurso planteado para hacer la nueva escuela de arquitectura de TERREFORM en Nueva York.
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Our proposal 'ALIVE LEARNING' is SHORTLISTED for the International competition 'SMART DOCK', in order to built a new school of architecture in New York.
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The goal of this proposal is to design a New Architecture School for Terreform, in a sharing space looking forward the possibility to become a collaborative teaching facility and public outreach centre for socio-ecological ideas, looking forward the possibility of growing within the factory. The renovation is in the building 128, located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a former factory that will be shared with more schools of design and science.  
-We are looking for an 'alive' architecture design, that can embrace the “TERREFORM” style and the way of learning architecture. There are some 'alive' parameters of design we created: The Screw Unit connection made of different energy pipes that allows to activate the different levels of the school, a garden in the top floor that regulate the thermo system of the floors, and the natural light taken from the roof that reinforce the breathing space. By doing so, we were able to understand and strengthen the technical and climatic rules of Brooklyn Navy Yard. 
-Flexible and transformable design, created by a technical roof in each floor that allows the furniture to appear and disappear in several positions for actual and future working process can work as a working tables, critic space or even light emulator for projections. 
-Another goal is to amplify the possibility of growing. The design of one Unit Screw contains the necessary elements to provide technical movements and atmospheric solutions as a self sufficient Unit. Therefore it can be repeated as a sequence for future possible enlargements within one of the small factories in the Smart Dock. 
-Finally the proposal creates a fluent space with the existing Smart Dock programmes. This is in order to create more easy connections and to give free spaces that can improve the relationships with the other users. 
The ‘ALIVE LEARNING’ project  wants to Engage, Engender and Sustain the future pedagogical spaces for Terreform and for the future of the architecture.
Title >>>>  'ALIVE LEARNING' 
Author >>>>  Maria Jose Marcos and Javier Peña
Collaborators >>>>  Kim Se Won (Roy), Hakyeong Jeon, Yeonghwa Choe (magicarch) 
Location >>>>  Brooklyn, New York, USA 
Client >>>>  Terreform 
Project >>>>    Restoration project